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It all began in 1994. From the very beginning, the production was directed to upholstered furniture. First, in the group of 5 people we produced sofas, lounge sofas and corners. Supplying mainly neighboring cities
Over time and changing fashion trends, we introduced 3-2-1 leisure suites and sofas, extending in addition to the range  also the sales area for the rest of the country and abroad. 
At the moment, the small plant has transformed into a thriving factory employing over 250 people, we have a modern upholstery, a carpentry shop, a cutting room and a sewing room.
We have qualified staff that creates more and more modern and more comfortable furniture, providing both aesthetic value and full comfort of our clients' rest.
Currently, the recipients of our products are such countries as Germany, France, Spain, Great Britain, Belgium, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Scandinavian countries.
We are constantly expanding our offer, introducing new products and improving and modernizing existing ones.
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Fabryka Mebli TOM-POL

Opatów, Szpot 1a,
63-645 Łęka Opatowska
NIP: PL6190020232


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